How To Reserve a seat over a Phone call

chinese restaurant

nǐn hǎo,shàng hǎi cān guǎn。
A:  您  好,    上          海   餐   馆。
A:  Hello, this is Shanghai Restaurant.

nǐ   hǎo, wǒ xiǎng yù ding yìzhāng zhuō zi.
B:你 好,        我     想      预  定    一 张          桌     子。
B:  Hello,  I’d like to reserve a table.

hǎo de,  qǐng wèn jǐ wèi?
A: 好  的,    请      问    几 位?
A: Ok, how many people?

liǎng gè rén
B: 两     个  人。
B: Two.
nín ding jǐ diǎn?
A: 您  定  几  点 ?
A: what time would you make it?

míng tiān wǎn shàng bā diǎn bàn。

B:  明        天       晚   上       八   点     半.
B:At 8:30pm tomorrow evening.

qǐng wèn nín jiào shén me míng zi?
A:  请    问     您   叫      什      么   名    字?
A: what’s your name please?

wǒ  jiào jié kè
B:   我   叫    杰 克。
B: My name is Jake.

Key words when you want to make a reservation for dinner ……You can say:

wǒ xiǎng  yù ding  yìzhāngzhuōzi
我      想    预    定      一  张      桌   子.
I’d like to make a reservation.

我想 means I’d like to

预定 means reserve

桌子 means table

一张:Zhang is a measure word.
Measure words are used along with numbers to define the quantity of a given object.
For example, many flat objects such as tables, papers, beds, and benches use the classifier 张 zhāng.

Then waiter will then  ask how many people, which is :

qǐng wèn jǐ  wèi?
请       问  几  位?
how many people?

几位 means how many (people)

Key words : if you want to make a reservation at 8:30pm tomorrow evening, you can say:

míng tiān wǎn shàng bā diǎn bàn。
明         天    晚     上        八  点      半.
At 8:30pm tomorrow evening.

明天 means   tomorrow

晚上 means         evening

八点半 means    half past eight

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