Expo 2010: A Tour of Events at Expo 2010


World Expo has three major forms for presentation: Exhibitions, Events and forums. Therefore, Events is one of the primary platforms to demonstrate and showcase the theme of Expo 2010.

Events during the whole Expo duration fall into two categories in line with different organizing parties. They are events organized by the organizer and events organized by participants.

The events and cultural performances of Expo 2010 can be epitomized with 20 keywords, which are: theme, debut, famous artists and bands, local features, fashion, award-winning programs, street performances, arts festivals, world intangible cultural heritages, cooperation, innovation, enlightenment, Expo Site opening/closing activities, urban links, creation, relay, interaction, rationality, art exhibition and high-tech.

Apart from the much-anticipated Expo Opening/Closing Ceremonies and the China National Pavilion Day activities, there are also many other splendid shows and activities for visitors to savor during the Expo.


Title: Theme show “Windows of City”(城市之窗)

Venue: Houtan Square (后滩广场)

Schedule: 30 minutes each, three to four shows per day

“Windows of City” is the thematic show of Expo 2010. It is a brainchild of arts and media groups in Shanghai and Taipei, in collaboration with international talents. The theme show will be one of the jewels in the crown among over a total of more than 20,000 events and cultural performances at the Expo in consideration of its touching story line, greatmusic and amazing special effects.

"Windows of City"(upper) & Shaolin Martial Arts Show(lower)

"Windows of City"(upper) & Shaolin Martial Arts Show(lower)

Titles: Shaolin Martial Arts Show (少林功夫剧)

Venue: Entertainment Hall (综艺大厅、综艺广场)

Schedule: 45 minutes each, four shows per day, from July 1st to Aug. 31th

The Kung Fu gala aims to present the aesthetic and philosophical values of warrior monks of Shaolin Temple through an innovative stage performance that combines Shaolin Kung Fu and modern dancing. The mix of martial arts, acrobatics, dancing and magic tricks helps create special visual effects and spice up audience’s interest in the stage performance. On the other hand, the adoption of dancing and acrobatics shores up the framework of the show, making it more entertaining with the unfolding of the story line that demonstrates the beauty and aesthetics of Shaolin martial arts.


Titles: Wudang Martial Arts Show (武当功夫剧)

Venue: Group Level Squares (船台广场)

Schedule: Three shows per day, from July 1st to Sept. 30th

Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy has designed an original martial arts performance for the Expo. The 30-minute Kung Fu show “Wudang: Taiji and Dao”(武当:太极与道) will demonstrate Wudang martial arts and promote Chinese national culture and spirits. More importantly, visitors can come to understand and cherish the Taoism culture and its impact on humanity after watching the Wudang Kung Fu gala, thereby enhancing the development of Taoism culture in the world.

Wudang Martial Arts Show

Wudang Martial Arts Show


Title: Cha Show (杂技剧《茶》)

Venue: Entertainment Hall (综艺大厅)

Schedule: 45 minutes each, four shows per day, from May 1st to June 30th

Cha show tells us the close relationship between tea and human beings by presenting the integration of Zen and Tea that play important parts in creating harmony and peace for the mankind. It employs a multitude of art forms including acrobatics, martial arts, dancing, magic tricks, music, kung Fu, writing and painting, almost leaving no genre untouched in the show. The acrobatic drama vividly expresses the pursuit of Expo 2010 in staging a “creative, harmonious and joyful” mega event.

Cha Show

Cha Show


Titles: Residence performance of “Splendor of China” (tentative name) by China National Song & Dance Ensemble (东方歌舞团驻场表演)

Venue: Expo Performance Center (世博演艺中心)

Schedule: 60-90 minutes each, two shows per day on Monday through Friday, totaling no less than 260 performances

China National Song & Dance Ensemble will stage more than 260 performances at the Expo focusing on two themes that showcase Chinese folk songs and dances, and international folk dances. The performances feature aesthetic romances and a rich medley of diversified genres, embodying modern artistic concepts and international flavors. It aims to present not only folk performances from around the world, but also ethnic and fashionable Chinese culture shoes. Among the shows, the “Splendor of China”(tentative name) and “My city, my hometown”(tentative name) are performances of traditional Chinese folk arts that focus upon local music and dances in different Chinese cities, whereas “Winds hailing from the five continents”(tentative name) presents diversified folk dances from the world, including classical acts from northern India, Irish folk dance and Arabian dance.

China National Song & Dance Ensemble

China National Song & Dance Ensemble


Title: Abilia (“育乐湾”)

Venue: Dock 3, Jiangnan Square (3号船坞)

Schedule: 90 minutes each, six shows per day, totaling 1,104 performances

With a slogan of “Be the master of future cities and experience wonderful life in the future”, Abilia is the exclusive occupational experience project at Expo 2010. It aims to present a virtual occupational environment with real urban communities, allowing children from 5 to 15 years of age to be educated and inspired through participation. Children will experience the joy of growing up here, learning about ethics, diligence, team spirits, and sense of responsibility.


Title: Rod and stick puppet show “Journey to the West”

Venue: Dock 1 (1号船坞)

Schedule: during Expo 2010(from May 1st to Aug. 8th for puppet shows and shadow plays)

During the Expo, the Dock 1 of Jiangnan Square on Puxi Site will be a paradise for children and adolescents with the performances of activities relating to the theme of dream and discovery for children. These performances come in the forms of puppet shows, shadow plays, child dramas and multi-media shows.

Rod and stick puppet show

Rod and stick puppet show


Title: Parades with Customs (欢乐盛装大巡游)

Venue: Expo Site(世博园区)

Schedule: Five shows per day, from May 1st to Oct. 31th, totaling 920 performances

With two parading routes and three performance groups, the parading performances of Expo 2010 incorporate classical acts in the world and futuristic ideas, allowing visitors to the Expo to watch parades with distinct styles.

The first parading route, the largest parade route in the history of World Expo, is located on Bocheng Road to the west of the Expo Axis in Pudong Expo Site. The arrays of five continents in the parade will showcase unique traditional and modern music, dancing and costumes of different countries. On the other side of the Expo Axis, special parades featuring distinct cultures and costumes from regions around China will be held to promote the Chinese culture to the world.


There is a rich medley of cultural performances overseas. Be sure to check them out!



wén huà yí chǎn

文    化   遗  产    Cultural heritage  n.

shèng huì

盛       会              Gala   n.


禅            Zen (a genre of Buddihism)   n.

xún yóu

巡   游         parade  n.

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