Alibaba’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Alibaba had a grand celebration on Sep 10th evening in Huanglong Sports Centre of Hangzhou province (杭州省黄龙体育中心) . After ten years of ups and downs,Alibaba celebrated its anniversary birthday.


There were 27 000 people in all in the celebration. Many famous person took part in the celebration. Such as NBA star Kobe Bryant, China moneybags Li Jiacheng(李嘉诚), Lenovo Group chairman Liu Chuanzhi(联想CEO柳传志).


The programs were performed by Alibaba managers and staffs. Jack Ma, who is the CEO of Alibaba, Punk sang two songs with white long hair and cockscomb on his head. The performance attracted audience sensation and lots of staffs cheered for him and his performers on stage with him

JackMaMa 1

Several network operators appeared. They were heroic costumes & posture. Their performance pushed the party to a climax. The staffs’ performances were very inventive. The performances has took on the new look of the Alibaba.



And some highlights on the street parade.


At last, Jack Ma (Ma Yun) gave a wonderful speech. The speech was very inspiring and impressive.


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