Expo 2010: Pavilions – Coca-cola & The Space Pavilion (Zone D)

Coca-cola Pavilion

Theme: Happy Plants
Pavilion Area: Around 3,000 Square Meters
Pavilion Day: May 8
Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

coca-cola pavilion

Coca-Cola has kicked off a national campaign to support its corporate pavilion for the 2010 World Expo. The Coca-Cola pavilion is named the “Coca-Cola Happy Plants” and displays its nearly 125 year history in beverage and sustainability with a collection of animated characters, performances and music.

Coca-Cola’s pavilion will take consumers on a “fully immersive journey of fantasy,” according to Coca-Cola. Visitors will be greeted by animated “happiness characters,” be able to taste new beverages and grab a limited edition PlantBottle. There will be celebrity performances and animation on a 15-meter high Coca-Cola bottle composed of more than 3,000 LED light panels.

coca cola pavilion

Pavilion Features

Simple yet unique exterior walls of the two-storey pavilion are all installed with metal wind-proof blinds and decorated in red, the color of Coca-Cola. The Interior of the pavilion is divided into five sections: exhibition of symbolic Coca-Cola bottles, theatres, exhibition halls, VIP lounges and public exposure areas. With artful designs of these sections, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle and sense of environmental protection are delivered to visitors.

Design-Coca Cola

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1: Symbolic bottles of Coca-Cola

Symbolic bottles of Coca-Cola and various shows on its stage offer visitors unique sensory experience.

Design-Coca Cola-2

Highlight 2: Coca-Cola theatre

Another highlight at the Expo will be a visit of Coca-Cola’s Expedition 206 team – a worldwide trip where happiness ambassadors travel to 206 countries which sell Coca Cola, and tweet, blog, and post videos that present the spirit of happiness.

The special video will be broadcasted in the huge Coca-Cola theatre to inform visitors of the positive lifestyle the company has always promoted.

Design-Coca Cola-3

The Space Pavilion

Theme: “Harmonious City, Human and Outer Space”
Pavilion Area: 3,000 Square Meters
Location: Within Zone D of the Expo Site

The Space Pavilion which is being built by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation and the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation.

map-space pavilion

Pavilion Features

The pavilion looks like a “magic cube” suspended in space. Supported by intricate pillars, it will give a feeling of space disorder and arouse the visitors’ desire for exploration. The design tries to convey the concepts of “technology”, “energy” and “space” with a sense of simplicity.

Based on the core concepts of “sky (outer space), land (city) and man (the explorer and creator)”, the pavilion will show how aerospace and electronic technologies promote urban development and improve human life to the fullest extent. The pavilion will offer a preview of people’s “environmentally friendly, safe and intelligent” future life. The spirit of the Chinese astronauts who are exploring space will be a centre piece in the pavilion.

space pavilion

Visitors may embark on a joyous journey filled with discovery and inspiration through three exhibition sections – “The Origin of Dreams”, “Spacewalk” and “Beautiful Homeland”, to get the “real experience” of how people have been trying to explore space.

Pavilion Highlights

Highlight 1

Starting with the first section of the exhibition, “The Origin of Dreams”, visitors will quickly become mesmerized and intrigued and build immediate expectations for the next exhibit.

Highlight 2

Then they will have a unique and lifelike experience in the section “Spacewalk”—an experiential theater filled with imagination.

Highlight 3

Finally in the next section “Beautiful Homeland”, visitors can get in touch with the concept of “Round Heaven” and “Square Earth”. Based on the concept of “Round Heaven”, models, real objects and multimedia technology will help replay the history of human space exploration, while a “future city” will provide a preview on the technological, intelligent and informative life of the future, in “Square Earth”.

night-space pavilion

Learn some Mandarin

饮料               yǐn liào                                 beverage

大使               dà shǐ                                  ambassador

悬浮               xuán fú                                 suspend

象征的           xiàng zhēng de                      symbolic

宇宙空间       yǔ zhòu kōng jiān                   aerospace

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