Expo 2010: Pavilions – Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Heilongjiang (Zone A)

Inner Mongolia pavilion


The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China will present a vivid picture of its vast grassland scenery and also showcase its heroic spirit and civilization through multimedia displays at the 2010 World Expo.

The exhibition aims to offer a glimpse of urbanization as well as sustainable growth, featuring a 1,000-square-meter exhibition, a forum and campus activities. The structure surrounded by the “hada”, the museum set up 13 projects and an interactive display screen theater. The idea came from the long history of grassland culture, and chose seven representative elements: grassland, desert, forest, clouds, stars, yurt and hada.


A video of a trailer on the background and theme of the Inner Mongolia pavilion as well as a taste of what the viewers would expect as you step into the pavilion.

Sichuan pavilion

With the theme: “paradise nourished by water, suitable for living” The province’s display will highlight its profound history, culture and optimism following the devastating May 12 earthquake in 2008.

The pavilion’s outfitting features its beautiful water and mountain landscape.

sichuan pavilion2

sichuan pacilion1

In the 18,000-square-meter exhibition hall surrounding the China Pavilion, provinces and municipalities will showcase their time-honored cultures and customs. Columns with multimedia screens will display the Chinese character “川” (chuan) and “flying sun bird” a holy bird well-known in the province which represents the admiration of the sun by ancient Chinese.


The exhibition develops a picture of Sichuan’s cultural heritage such as the Sanxingdui, which boasts rich cultural relics and whose history can be dated back more than 3000 years. Also displayed will be the Jinsha archaeological site and the Dujiangyan irrigation project.

There are three halls in the pavilion:

Section 1: City, History & Civilisation

Under the leadership of the Sichuan pavilion mascot – a panda name Huan Huan, it brings about Sichuan’s four most important elements: Sanxingfui, Jinsha, Shuxiu, Qiqi and other historical civilization & folk culture for the audience’s viewing pleasure. With the interactive technology in the pavilion, the Silk Roads comes alive before the very eyes of the audience.

Section 2: Multimedia & Virtual Modeling

Using multimedia & virtual modeling, the audience is able to experience the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project with the multi-column screen displaying the sample of life in Chengdu. The “Urban Life Reality Show” display great development changes in Sichuan tea culture, Sichuan Opera face art, urban & rural.

Section 3: Sichuan’s future better life

Through the 3-dimensional optical map, it displays a new Sichuan rising from the New Tianfu Divine Land. To shorten the distance between Sichuan and the world, Sichuan generously invested on an “Asian Economic Hub”. The land of abundance of Tianfu is becoming a reality little by little.

The pavilion puts the city of Sichuan as the display objects; rivers and civilization as the ideological context; the lifestyle as the content; to bring us a bright future.


Each visitor will receive a card made of recyclable paper by children living in the May 12 earthquake-hit regions, expressing their hope for a better future.

Heilongjiang pavilion

Heilongjiang Province will offer visitors a chance to explore a dream-like icy city at the 2010 World Expo to show how city dwellers can live well in ice and snow and in harmony with nature.


It will produce an “icy crystal” effect with special materials in the theme “Ice and Snow Make Us Extraordinary.” Conception of exhibition theme: generous, harmonious, unselfconscious, diligent and encourage.

Heilongjiang in China’s far north is famous for its breath-taking winter scenery, sports and the annual Harbin Ice Sculpture Festival which attracts tourists from all over the world. The average annual temperature ranges from minus 5 degrees Celsius to plus 5 degrees. Designer will use special method to show us a huge dream-like Ice Sculpture structure—Heilongjiang pavilion.

In the pavilion, snow and ice will be the main line, showing Heilongjiang’s unique “green ecology””ice and snow” and “human spirit”.

heilongjiang pavilion

The Beijing Youyi International Exhibition Ltd and Harbin Icecity International Exhibition Ltd have been chosen as designers.


大草原             dà cáo yuán                    Vast grassland

文化遗迹         wén huà yí jì                   Culture relics

城市居民         chéng shì jū mín            City dwellers

绿色生态学     lǜ sè shēng tài xué        Green ecology

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