Expo 2010: Pavilions – USA & Canada (Zone C)

USA Pavilion


The USA pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 is expected to cost about $60 million USD to design and occupying an area of 60,000 square feet will be one of the largest national pavilions at the Expo. Clive Grout Architects designed the building and BRC Imagination Arts is providing the multimedia guest experience.

The Pavilion will present a dynamic, emotional story that radiates powerful core values shared by both the Chinese and American people and the fundamental belief that America is a place of opportunity where those who seek to change the world for the better will always thrive and prosper.


In keeping with the Expo’s theme “Better Cities, Better Life”, the USA Pavilion will emphasize urban sustainability, teamwork, health, and struggle and achievements by telling a story through the voice of a Chinese-American woman living in the year 2030, who was a visitor to the Shanghai expo in 2010.

Her life as portrayed in 2030 reflects the “Better Cities” catalyst of the expo 20 years earlier, and the values of teamwork, and celebrates ethnic diversity and the accomplishments of the Chinese-American community. This message from the future will play out in a 4D multimedia theatre format. The post show exhibits will portray the seeds of change and sustainability that will help lead the world to the “Better Life” of 2030.


The Mainshow Theatre

The national pavilion will showcase American business and technology, as well as cultures and values to foster stronger friendship between the American and Chinese people as it also demonstrates America’s commitment to a forward-looking, positive relationship with China.”


The exterior plaza

Canada Pavilion


The Canada Pavilion is located on the Pudong side of the Huangpu River. Along with other North and South American countries, Zone C is also home for European and African pavilions. One of the largest sites at the pavilion.

The design for the Canada Pavilion at Expo 2010 is created by Cirque du Soleil. NC-Lavalin Inc., one of Canada’s best-known engineering and construction companies, has now working on building the Canada Pavilion, Canada is the first countries to start construction at Expo 2010.


The theme for Canada’s participation in Expo 2010 is The Living City: inclusive, sustainable, creative. Canada’s theme complements China’s overall Expo 2010 theme of  Better City, Better Life. Canada’s theme was developed following consultations and interviews across Canada, and reflects our history and democratic values. It will be a showcase to the world for Canadian culture, advanced technology and urban development.


The Canada Pavilion building is shaped like a looped ribbon or a large letter “C” (as in “Canada”), which has an open air public space as its centre piece. The pavilion is divided into areas for the public, for entertaining special guests and for administration. There will also be a multi-function section of the Pavilion for business promotion, meetings, conferences and special events.

The design of the pavilion incorporates a performance area, where visitors can watch performances of Cirque du Soleil before visiting the main pavilion area.

CirqueDuSoleilCirque du Soleil

The pavilion organizers have also designed concepts of environmental protection into the pavilion. Parts of the pavilion’s exterior walls will be covered by greenery and rainwater will be collected by a drainage system for use inside the pavilion.


The Canada Pavilion has always been a “must-see” among national pavilions at expos, not only because of its cutting-edge exhibition technology, engaging presentations and creative programming, but also due to its knowledgeable young hosting staff.

These young Canadian hosts are selected from across Canada. The criteria are demanding and all hosting and VIP staffs are required to be proficient in English and/or French and the language of the host country. This ability results in a dynamic team that is authentically Canadian, yet is able to communicate with visitors to the Pavilion in their own language.



美国 měi guó America

加拿大 jiā ná dà  Canada

太阳剧团   tài yáng jù tuán  Cirque du Soleil

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