Expo 2010: Ticket & Booking Info for Shanghai Expo


Around 12 million tickets for 2010 Expo have been sold till the end of 2009. If you are planning to participate the Expo , the follow ticketing information would be useful .

Ticket Types

Tickets of Expo 2010 are classified into several categories as shown in the chart below:

Individual Ticket

Peak Day

Standard Day

Single Day Admission

Special Admission

Single Day Admission

Special Admission

3 Day Admission

7 Day Admission

Evening Admission


PeakDay SA






Group Ticket

Group Admission

Student Group Admission



Group tickets are only available through authorized travel agents or institutions, self-organized groups will not be entertained.

As for Individual tickets, there will be some days which are classified as Peak days.

Peak Day Periods:

  • China Labor’s Day (May 1st-3rd, 2010)
  • National Day (October 1st – 7th, 2010) and
  • Expo Ending Week (October 25th – 31st, 2010), total of 17 days.

Peak day tickets are priced slightly more expensive and limited in volume to regulate visiting crowds. There are no multi-day tickets available for Peak days. So you will have to purchase a ticket for each Peak day you want to visit.

Standard Day:

The rest of the days are considered as Standard days. For Standard days, you can purchase single day, 3 days or 7 days tickets. As for Evening Admission tickets, they can only be purchased onsite and allows entry after 17:00 (5pm), one entry per ticket.

expo_tickets_six_kinds_expo2010Special Admission:

Special Admission tickets are cheaper tickets privileged for the disabled, elderly, students, children and the Chinese military personnels.


Only Peak day Tickets are dated. That means, with a Standard day ticket, you can visit any day throughout the expo period as long as it does not fall within the Peak day period.

Note that 1 day ticket only allows 1 entry into the expo site. If you leave the site, you cannot re-enter even if during the same day. Children not taller than 1.2 metres, with an accompanying adult, can visit for free.

You can get more details about the ticket types and regulation on the official website below

Ticket Price

The benchmark price for Expo 2010 ticket is RMB160.

price table

*the price chart is cited from the Expo official website

Ticket Purchase Channels

The Expo tickets will be available for purchase via authorized agents, travel agents and directly at the Expo Site as well.

Expo tickets are available for overseas purchasers through channels appointed by the Expo Bureau in different countries and regions across the world.

During the Expo session, you can also buy the tickets via onsite sales outlets or kiosks.

Besides, the Expo Bureau will appoint travel agents to organize group tours to Expo 2010.

People should purchase Expo tickets via authorized channels.

For information of Expo ticket, people are recommended to visit the Expo official website where Ticketing Bulletin will be issued by the Expo Bureau. For more information please visit the Expo official website or dial-in the Expo hotline at +86-21-962010.

Sales Channels outside China

You can refer to Sales channel outside China (official website)

Sales Channels in China

  1. China Mobile 中国移动通信有限公司
    (directory of outlets)
    Website: www.sh.chinamobile.com/en/
    Hotline: 12580
  2. China Telecom 中国电信集团公司
    (directory of outlets)
    Website: expo.118114.cn
    Hotline: 118114/114
  3. Bank of Communications 交通银行股份有限公司
    (directory of outlets)
    Website: www.bankcomm.com
    Hotline: 95559/4008009888
  4. China Post 中国邮政集团公司
    (directory of outlets)
    Website: www.chinapost.com.cn
    Hotline: 11185

Expo 2010 Official Major Sales Outlets in China

Expo 2010 Official Main Ticket Sales Outlets in China

Additional Sales Channels in Shanghai

As of 10th May 2010, certain locations and Convenience stores within Shanghai have also been given the rights to sell Standard Day Tickets. (news from official site) However, other tickets like Peak day and Multi-day tickets will still need to be purchased at the 4 main sales channels listed above or onsite.

Ticket Types and price sold:

  • Standard Day Single Day Admission : 160 yuan
  • Standard Day Special Admission : 100 yuan

Tickets available in designated outlets of:

  1. Shanghai Railway Bureau
    (directory of  designated outlets)
    Website: www.srtg.com.cn
    Hotline: 021-51223358
  2. HuaLian Convenient Store
    under Brillance Group Co., Ltd
    (directory of designated outlets)
    Website: www.blemall.com
    Phone: 021-96801-0
  3. AllDays Convenient Store
    under Shanghai Agriculture Industry Commerce Supermarket Co., Ltd
    (directory of designated outlets)
    Phone: 021-96896
  4. Lawsons Convenient Store
    under Shanghai Hualian Lawson Co., Ltd
    (directory of designated outlets)
    Website: www.lawson.com.cn
    Phone: 021-53881531, 021-62088830

Standard Day Single Day Ticket now available at designated convenient stores

Announcements and Tips

  • All tickets only allow single entry per day.
  • Children below 1.2m (including 1.2m) are free to visit the expo site (requires at least 1 accompanying adult)
  • Only Peak Day Tickets are dated. Standard Day tickets can be used on any day (outside of peak day period)
  • Tickets are not registered to your name. For example, if you visited the expo twice with a 3 days ticket, you may pass on your ticket with 1 remaining visit to someone else to use.
  • People can buy tickets at more than 5,300 outlets of four major ticket agents: China Mobile, China Telecom, China Post and the Bank of Communications. People outside China can buy the tickets at 15 foreign agents across 18 countries.
  • China Mobile users can also buy mobile tickets. Users will be able to swipe their mobile phones at the entrance and avoid queues.
  • May and October will be the most heavily visited months of the Expo, according to a survey from the organizer. About 40 percent of the 70 million expected Expo visitors will go the site in October, which includes a seven-day national holiday of China.
    More than 28 percent people will visit the site in May, while only six percent will go to the site in June.
  • The organizer expects the 17 days of the Peak day period – which will include Labor Day and National Day holidays and the last week of Expo (October 25 to 31) – to attract the most visitors.
  • Group Ticket is not sold directly to the public.
  • Evening Admission Tickets are only sold at onsite sales outlets.
  • Except some special conditions, the ticket can’t be receded or exchanged once it is sold.
  • If the ticket is damaged you can apply for a new one in the Expo Site. Specific measures shall be announced by the organizers soon.
  • More information you can get from the official website

Learn Mandarin Words:

售票处 shòu piào chù Ticket outlets n.
授权代理 shòu quán dài lǐ Authorized distributor n.
公报 Bulletin/ Official notice n.
mǎi Buy v.
世博票 shì bó piào Expo Ticket n.
在哪里 zài nǎ lǐ Where (is it) at

Learn Mandarin Phrases:

  • shì bó shòu piào chù zài nǎ lǐ ?
    世  博  售    票    处  在  哪 里?
    Where is Expo Ticket Outlet?
  • wǒ yào mǎi shì bó piào .
    我  要  买  世  博  票。
    I want to buy Expo Ticket.

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2 Responses to “Expo 2010: Ticket & Booking Info for Shanghai Expo”

  1. Wong Chong yuen Says:

    I am from Malaysia. I plan to buy ticket for the expo when I reach shanghai. Will ticket be availble then; I mean, should I prebook ticket?

  2. Kenneth Mun Says:

    Hi Chong Yuen. Thanks for leaving a comment. You can check out our guide article at http://ilearn-culture.com/shanghai-expo-2010-trip-plan-guide/ for some more info.

    But basically it depends on when you are visiting. If you are visiting during the Peak days (May 1st-3rd, 2010, October 1st–7th, October 25th–31st), it is best to purchase your tickets beforehand as these tickets are volume limited.

    Any other day is considered a standard day. Standard day tickets are not limited in volume, so you do not have to worry. Purchase of tickets in Shanghai is easy. Either onsite or at authorised sales dealers (China Mobile, China Telecom, Bank of Communications and China Post).

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