Expo 2010: Tips to tour Shanghai Expo – Part 2


In our previous article, Tips for Touring the Expo Part 1 , we mentioned about knowing some of the services provided in Expo as well as knowing the distribution of the various zones at the Expo. We are going to continuing giving tips of other important information such as:

  • Transportation – Know the means of transport to the Expo as well as within the Expo site
  • Opening Hours – Please check the official opening hours whilst you plan your visit.
  • Other General tips – Gearing yourself up with these tips before your visit will make sure that your trip to the Expo is a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Opening Hours

Expo Site Opening Hours: 9am-midnight

Pavilion Opening Hours: 9:30am-10:30pm

Expo Site Last Entry Timing : 9pm

Evening Admission Ticket entry: from 5pm


1. Rail Transit


5 Metro Lines link the Expo zones at present: Line 4, Line 6, Line 7, Line 8, Line 9.

The Expo section of Metro Line 13 will link the two Expo zones in Puxi and Pudong, and have three stations. Expo ticket holders can take the trains free after security checks at Line 13′s Madang Road station where it connects with Metro Line 9 in Puxi.

Two trains will operate on the line, with another two on standby by the time the Expo begins in May.

Meanwhile, five seven-carriage trains were added to Metro Line 8.

2. Expo Special Shuttle Bus

Three kinds of lines mainly:

  • Expo direct line: totaling 16 lines which will carry 15% passengers in expectation. All direct lines’ destinations are the Expo entrance in Pudong.
  • Expo station special line: totaling 20 bus lines around Expo Site which will carry 10% passengers in expectation.
  • The exurb connecting line: 6 transferring starting points set on some suburban towns (Jinshan, Fengxian, Qingpu, Congming), visitors would be transferred to Metro Lone 7, 8, 9 link to the Expo Site.

3. Tour Bus

Expo tour buses would be allocated in 19 cities’ tourism hub around Yangtze River Delta, direct to Expo Site park. In Shanghai you can get on the tour bus on Wusong passenger transportation center, Yangpu Park, Hongkou stadium, Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station, Shanghai stadium.

4. Ferry


There will be five ferry routes to carry visitors to the Expo site.

The Expo organizer will build six wharfs in the Expo site – three on either side of the Huangpu River – and four others outside the site, with 35 ferries expected to operate 600 services a day.

The Expo ferries can each carry a maximum of 500 passengers. The operation will run from 8am to 12am, longer than the Expo opening hours of 9am to 11pm. The Expo organizer will start trial operations from April 1.

The ferries are expected to transport 10 percent of the 400,000 to 600,000 Expo visitors expected each day to the site while another 20 percent are expected to use the ferries to cross the river between sites.

During the Expo, over 1,000 vessels are expected to pass the controlled 7.8 kilometers stretch of the river, from the Nanpu Bridge to the Chuanyang River.

5. Routine Bus


There are 90 routine bus lines link to Expo Site.

6. Taxi


There is a lot of restriction, especially in the forbidden area (7 square kilometers around Expo Site) all the private vehicle and taxi are required special authority passing.

Please refer to more mode of transport information in the site below.




Other tips

  • Drinks and Water cannot be brought into the Expo Site. There will be 95 beverage stops/stalls and 2000 water cooler dispensers (drinking fountains) located all over the site free for the usage of tourists and visitors of the expo.
  • Necessary medicines, milk for baby and cosmetics will be allowed after security checks at entrance.
  • Skateboards, roller-blades, lighters and pets are not allowed at the World Expo 2010 site.
  • After 9pm, visitors are not allowed to enter the site and evening special anymore. Pavilion will not allow the visiting after 10pm.
  • Every pavilion’s opening show would be exciting. Typically the show will start at 9 o’clock every evening.
  • The ticket is not real-name registered so if you have the 3 or 7 days admission ticket you can pass on to others in case you decide to discontinue the whole trip.
  • There will not be any re-entry. You can only enter the expo site once per day. If you decide to leave halfway, hoping to re-enter, it will not be allowed. You would have to purchase another ticket.
  • At the entrance, you can collect a Map of the Expo site (available in English) as well as a programme sheet of day from volunteers stationed there.
  • Expo Volunteers (dressed in green) are stationed all over the site and are very helpful in answering your queries and assisting you.
  • Queue would be normal in front of some popular pavilions you want to visit.
  • Children below 1.2m (include 1.2m), with at least an accompanying adult, are free to visit.
  • You may consider an Expo assigned travel agency tour, to take care of the details and arrangements for you.

You can check out the assigned travel agency list at http://www.expo2010.cn/a/20090504/000004.htm

  • Make sure your camera or videocam’s battery is well charged with enough film or digital memory to record down your wonderful multi-cultural experience at the site.
  • It is advisable to have at least a rough plan of what you want to do, or where you want to visit beforehand. Obviously one day’s trip is not enough for having a taste of the wonderful Expo.


bǎi dù

摆 渡                             ferry      n. / v.

dì tiě

地 铁                              metro   n.

chū zū chē

出   租   车                      taxi   n.

ruǎn yǐn liào

软    饮  料                     soft drinks    n.

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