Expo 2010: Pavilions of Shanghai Expo Participants – Artistic Renditions

The World Expo Shanghai 2010 has achieved a milestone with the number of participants surpassing 200.

World Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany, had a record 172 participants. That record was broken by Shanghai Expo in October, three months earlier than scheduled.

Approximately 50 out of the 230 participating countries and international corporations will build their own pavilions at the World Exposition, EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.

Take a look at the artists’ renditions of the bold and innovation pavilion designs from different countries.

architectural rendering of the Australia Pavilion

an artist’s view of the Canada Pavilion

artistic rendition of the China Pavilion

artistic rendition of the Czech Pavilion

artist rendition of the Denmark Pavilion

A model of the Dutch Pavilion, the Happy Street, for World Expo 2010

layout of France Pavilion

layout of Germany Pavilion

artistic rendition of the Irish Pavilion

artistic rendition of the Italy Pavilion

artistic rendition of the Japan Pavilion

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