27th Henan Luoyang Peony Festival & Stamp Exhibition 2009

Opening ceremony of China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition & the 27th Henan Luoyang Peony Festival celebrates in Luoyang, Henan province in April 9, 2009.

  • Admire Peony Flower&Stamp

The Peony, the emblem flower of Luoyang, is lauded as “Queen of flowers” since the Tang Dynasty with ethereal colour and celestial fragrance.As the traditional Chinese famous flower, Peony is the symbol of wealth and luck, prosperous and booming, and it represents the generous manner of great China, premier Zhou Said in 1973. Luoyang is the most favorable place for flowers and peony flowers here are the most beautiful in the world.

The World Stamp Exhibition is praised as the Olympic Games of human cultural activities. Luoyang Peony Festival, a great international, joyful, effective, creative event, is moving towards people’s festival, fashionable festival, leisure festival, and carnival. And in meanwhile, you will enjoy the first stamp”Penny Black” from England.

  • Visit Historic Spots

As the World Cultural Heritage, Longmen Grottoes is one of three Great Chinese Stone sculptures. The eternal smile of Vairocana Buddha (Lushena) in Fengxiansi niche, known as “East Mona Lisa”, is praised as the most amazing and charming stone sculpture in the world. Titled “source of Buddhism in China” and “ancestors’ court”, White Horse Temple is the first Buddhism temple built by the government after the introduction of Buddhism into China, so it gets the fame as the “No.1 Ancient Temple of China”.

  • Enjoy the Music Fountain

The music Fountain of Luoyang Kaiyang Lake is known as “the No.1 Great Music Fountain in Asia”. Taking peony flower as its style, the beautiful music fountain becomes charming scenery in Luoyang. And many famous comperes and singers are invited to the celebration party and give a splendid performance to greet the great events such as Sarah Brightman.

  • Best Places to Enjoy the Flower:

Guose Peony Garden
This is the largest Peony garden in the city. The garden is found close to the 310 highway, 4 kilometers away from Luoyang city. In every April, the peonies are in full blossom, creating a superlative.

Wangcheng Park
During late spring( April and May), the park really blooms. Visitors from both home and abroad populate the park to enjoy the famed Luoyang Peony.

  • Literary works about peony

The Peony Pavilion ( 牡丹亭 Mǔ Dān Tíng) is a play written by Tang Xianzu in the Ming Dynasty. the performance tradition has focused on the love story between Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei, but its original text (standard translation: Cyril Birch) also contains subplots pertaining to the falling Song Dynasty’s defense against the aggression of the Jin Dynasty. The Peony Pavilion in Kunqu Opera “Romantic Dream in the Garden” (游园惊梦Yóu Yuán Jīng Mèng) is very famous now and it is the Ming Dynasty era -inspired lyrics play over thoroughly modern music.

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