46th Golden Horse Awards (2009)

Taiwanese film No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (I Can’t Live Without You in Spanish) was the biggest winner at the prestigious 46th Golden Horse Awards. Taking home Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, the poignant real life drama, directed by Leon Dai, beat the other finalists from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, hands down.

0013729e4abe0c7c2e9d2a0013729e4abe0c7c2c5448Based on a true story and shot in black and white, Dai tells a moving account of the life and struggles of a lonely father from a poor background trying to send his daughter to school against government intervention. It’s the first local movie to win the best picture in seven years. (for more infornation, visit the official page at http://atomcinema.pixnet.net/blog)

Also for the first time in Golden Horse history, 2 Film Kings were crowned – Nick Cheung & Huang Bo.
2463146524630667The judges felt that they both had solid acting and was equal to each other, hence was unable to pick out a clear winner.

As for the Film Queen, it went to Li Bing Bing, who beat strong opponent Zhou Xun. Li Bing Bing broke out in tears of joy, and didn’t forget to thank her co-star Zhou Xun & other crew.
There were a total of 27 films vying for top honors in the Golden Horse Awards. Among the 80 nominations, Hong Kong movies were overshadowed by the mainland and Taiwan, only managing seven nominations, compared with 32 for Taiwan productions and 41 for mainland works.

Picture of other Chinese celebrities at the red carpet.


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    46th Golden Horse Awards (2009)

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    46th Golden Horse Awards (2009)

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    46th Golden Horse Awards (2009) « Events |

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