Must-have Items for Spring


Although it’s still cold outside, but it’s definitely time to start thinking about your spring wardrobe. Spring is one of the best, and most exciting time of the year to go shopping. There are brand new spring designs in every store, and everyone is excited to put away their boring, old winter clothing. Everyone wants something new for the spring and summer seasons. Then, what are the must-have items?

1. Hot  Pants


Hot Pants are sometimes referred to as shorts and this sexy hot pants has become a fashionable and stylish choice. Designer labels also had their hot pants collection, you can see many youngsters wearing hot pants on the streets. Hot pants are a fashion expression conveyed by the young & dynamic group. New styles, new colors, and new fabrics have greatly enhanced the popularity of women wearing hot pants.


If you feel that you’re inadequate in height, It is recommended to choose shorts with vertical stripes .This make people look a little taller. As far as possible, do not choose a short longer than knee, it makes the legs appear shorter.  Just a T-shirt supporting horizontal and vertical stripes shorts and also with colourful  socks will maximise the leg ratio.


If you want to hide your waist, these comfortable and loose pants can easily change your appearance.  Loose coveralls shorts is a rare style but it can hide the belly, very innovative and stylish at the same time.

2.   Skinny jeans


Skinny Jeans are also known as pencil pants. This type is characterized by pants cut on low waist. Dating back to the 1950s, skinny pants were a popular choice among celebrities such as Marlon Brand and Marilyn Monroe.

Now, this look is making a comeback, creating a big splash within the fashion industry. Skinny pants provide
an alternative to flared ones, which are often difficult to match with shoes. Skinny pants, on the other hand,
can be worn with several different types of shoes, allowing women to create a variety of chic looks that suit
almost any occasion.

Petite women make a big impact in pencil pants! The slender cut of this trendy style make the legs appear longer – an effect which can be emphasized with high heels or plateau pumps. For the most flattering effect, select fabrics with lengthwise stripes.

Styling tip: Trendsetters wear pencil pants with an extra-long top. Best of all, this look easily camouflages many figure problems

3. Peek-A-Boo


This is a kind of rugged jeans style that has existed since the 1990s. A different kind of “dirty” dress vogue, with jeans that has no real holes as the wearer usually would wear over & over again until it become tattered & torn. This very well may have accidentally becomes a kind of popular trend. A hint of skin is much sexier than a bared shoulder.


The arrangements of the holes are usually very visually impressive.  It’s better to wear something underneath the holed-clothes to give a layered mash-up. With peek-a-boo like that, the effect is extremely sexy and people will be attracted to a cool personality you possess with your choice of exaggerate combination.

If you want to look simple, a black and/or white T-shirt with graphics or letters and the rugged-holed jeans would be good enough.

4. Knee high/over-the-knee socks


When it comes to women’s fashion accessories, knee high socks are some of the most challenging to incorporate into an outfit. Most accessories, like scarves and hats and jewelry, only enhance a look. You can easily remove them if they are inappropriate or miss the mark.

Styling tip:
Avoid knee high socks and thigh high socks with body suits, but don’t be afraid to experiment with tap pants, hot pants, and short shorts.


  • Tug at socks and pull them up in public. No one looks comfortable in clothes they are constantly adjusting.
  • Wear white stockings with winter clothes. If it doesn’t work for shoes, it doesn’t work for socks.
  • Create a costume by pairing them with a pleated skirt, oxford shoes and a white blouse. Leave the uniform to the high school girls.
  • Wear short skirts and knee socks to the office. Save this look for the weekend.
  • Wear these socks with flat shoes. The result is too masculine.
  • Wear knee socks, or any socks for that matter, with strappy sandals.
  • Pile on too many trends at once. It’s easy to go from style maven to fashion victim if you wear too many faddish items together.
  • Wear knee highs with shorts. Save that look for the men in Bermuda.
  • Sport tube socks off the field or outside of the gym.
  • Wear knee socks with kilts unless you are playing a bagpipe.

5.    Oversize  Accessories

If you don’t get anything else this spring, do yourself a favour and invest in a big, bold necklace. These statement pieces update any outfit for a streamline affect. Whether you choose giant hoops adorned with jewels or a long multi strand necklace  doubled up with a chunky beaded necklace , the bigger the better! Bring in the big, the bold and the glittery. The look is absolutely stunning & gorgeous.

Bangles are layered and the metallic cuffs are becoming larger and more detailed. It seems that saying of “less is more” is no longer a quote for the Spring Fashion.


See how the accessory can make a simple dress so beautiful? Also some fashion show showcasing the big jewellery accessories.

6. Scarf


Lightweight scarves are without a doubt becoming the IT accessory of the season. Wait, Scarves for spring? Yes! A lightweight scarf is not just a transitional item; it’s also the destination point.

A scarf, wrap, or shawl is a great alternative to a cardigan. It`s portable, and there`s just so much you can do with it: drape it over a thin shirt when the weather is in that in between phase between not quite cold and not quite warm, loop it through your handbag for some added drama, tie it around your head for a funkier look.


Little black suit  accompanied by red and black lattice square scarf to break the usual dull black.  See what a scarf can do to a simple black suit jacket on top a white top!


Random shape with tassels, a leisurely attitude without losing femininity at the same time.


The scarf can also be used as shawls, fashion dual-use. Do take note that the colour should match with the colour of the coat you’re wearing. Hopefully you don’t end up with colours that clash with each other.

Some helpful vocabulary for your use if you’d ever purchase something featured above in China.

1.         热裤   rè  kù                       hot pants

2.         瘦腿裤 shòu  tuǐ  kù       skinny pants

3.         铅笔裤   qiān  bǐ  kù       pencil pants

4.         乞丐装   qǐ  gài  zhuāng        Peek-A-Boo

5.         长筒袜   cháng   tǒng  wà     knee high/over the knee socks

6.         饰品    shì  pǐng                       jewelry

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