Sharing the same Fashion Taste?

Celebrities have their own taste of fashion of designer clothes. Hence, it’s very possible for a handful of celebrities that may own the same piece of clothing for public appearance. It may be absolutely normal to be seen wearing the same top or dress for once or twice.

Two Chinese female celebrities have been seen wearing and/or carrying the exact same items up to 8 times lately. Is that a coincidence or they happen to have the same image/fashion consultant?

Featuring Shu Qi & Fan Bingbing.

1260124641662-23Both of them look beautiful here. With hair up to her waist, Fan resembles Goddess Venus here. Although Shuqi was sporting a shorter bob hair, but there is always an air of elegance around her.

1260124644238-23Despite wearing the same clothing, both of them are able to carry off differently and able to look incredibly stunning, with different hair-do.

1260124642146-23When it comes to bags, it’s a matter of whether it suits you or not. Both ladies share the same liking for this limited edition of Hello Kitty bag. Certainly, they both look very trendy with this famous pink icon bag.

1260124643198-23Another ‘goddess’-looking piece of dress that made both ladies look amazing. It seemed as though the neckline is adjustable and Fan may just look a tiny bit sexier than Shu with a more plunging neckline.

1260124643680-23Perhaps it’s the pose & expression, perhaps it’s how the green strap fall off the shoulder, Fan definitely looks sexier than Shu who looked pretty rigid with the green strap diagonally across the chest.

1260124644728-23Any girl would glow in their pink dresses including Fan & Shu, looking very radiant in their outfit. Although both of them have got slim & slender figure, Shu filled out the dress with her slightly more well-endowed figure as compared to Fan, whose dress seem to hang loosely.

1260124642644-23This is an orange baby-doll type dress where it is supposed to make the wearer look younger and Shu look youthful and cheery here. Fan’s hair doesn’t seem to go with this outfit and made her look slightly older than intended.

1260124645245-23Both ladies get to show off their nice figure in this elegant white gown. However, Fan’s hair is pretty outrageous for the whole look, making her at least 10 years older. She’d look much better if she had let her hair down. Shu could consider some curls to go with this dress, it looks a little unkept & messy in this picture though.

Source could be found here. (in Chinese)

Disclaimer: Some of descriptions/comments were translated from the above website. But  at the same time, I had also added my own opinions.

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