Suzhou Tiger Hill “Wedding Street”

In ancient China, there were many traditional wedding customs. With the passing of time, many of these traditions have changed gradually, especially in the cities.

Nowadays, Chinese people combine traditional wedding customs with modern elements, creating a new fashion for weddings in China. Now, most couples desire to have a tailor-made wedding to emphasize the most important day of their lives. As a result, weddings in China have become a major event and the main focus becomes the wedding dresses for the brides.


Suzhou is a romantic city, for not only does it have a lot of love stories, but also it has a prosperous wedding industry. Suzhou has a significant wedding dress market where the wedding dress, with its low prices. This is attracting couples from all over the country, even from abroad. The market actually is based predominately along a street near Tiger Hill, with more than 700 wedding related outlets.It is known as the Southeast Asia’s largest wedding marketplace.

tiger hill_wedding street



It is the centre of wedding dress designing, manufacturing and merchandising. There are thousands of wedding dresses, evening dresses, and bridal dress, all at competitive prices. In fact, the dresses are half of what you would pay in Shanghai. It is even possible to get white gowns at 140 -300rmb after much bargaining.



Nowadays, newly wedded couples have the option to have fancy costume photography. Some bridal shops not only have modern evening gowns, they also have costumes from the Victorian, Baroque era.




Traditional Styles

White wedding dress can be better to set off the bride’s noble beauty, in traditional Chinese thought, the red-letter day also should be red, so now, a set of festive as the evening gown Qipao became the new essential element of the wedding .


Tailor shop in front and a factory

In addition, many of the former shop and factory production and sales model, so easily tailored to the guests cut, these workshops can tailor dresses in one or two hours based on the customer’s needs, what are wrong place can be modified locally, meaning a bride can really find her dream dress. And reduce the visitors pick up time and transportation costs.

If you are planning to buy a wedding dress, then Suzhou has everything you could possibly dream of.  For those not intending on getting married it is still very worthwhile to window shop and learn more about the ways and means of this burgeoning industry, China-style. The street is so close to Tiger Hill and Shantang Street that it would be worthwhile taking the Shantang Street Boat Trip, and then walking around the street of weddings.



婚纱   hūn  shā   White  gown

虎丘婚纱一条街   hǔ qiū hūn shā yī tiáo jiē     Tiger Hill “Wedding Street”

凤凰   fēng huáng    phoenix

吉祥的   jí xiáng dē  auspicious

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16 Responses to “Suzhou Tiger Hill “Wedding Street””

  1. lisa Says:

    how can i get there? is there an airport in suzhou? where can i found wedding street? i cant find it in maps.. could you help me.. i planning to go there.. thx

  2. Kenneth Mun Says:

    Hello Lisa. Thanks for your interest in our article!

    No, there is no airport in Suzhou at the moment unfortunately. The nearest International Airports to Suzhou are in Shanghai and Guangxi, which are nearby cities to Suzhou (approximately 1-3 hours train/drive away).

    The Wedding Street in Suzhou is located along the streets just below of the ‘Tiger Hill’ or “HuQiu” (虎丘) which is a famous Suzhou tourist attraction involving a tower which is slightly slanted (somewhat like the Leaning Tower of Pisa :p)

    The cab driver will know the place for sure. HuQiu is located around the North West of Suzhou city center and pretty near the Suzhou main train station.

    Hope this info helps! :)

  3. Tere Says:

    how far is suzhou from guagzhou?

  4. Sharon Federation Says:

    I just want to thank you for the red dress we received today. It is so beautiful and so well made. My daughter’s winter formal is Jan 6 th, and it arrived one week early. Thank you and your staff so much!

    Sharon Federation

  5. Maddy Says:

    The dress my daughter in law received was made sloppy and not true to size. When we tried to return it, we got the run around. They tried to bargain with us telling us it would cost to much to mail and negociate a different price. Their respond wasn’t even in written in proper English. Stay away from this company, they are rude and unprofessional. Be warned-stay away do business with a company in the States.

  6. janie Says:

    we ordered a prom dress for my daughter and it came…it was damaged and not satisfactory. we emailed you right away sent it back we have pictures to proof and a copy of the weigh bill sending it back but no refund. the response back was you would refund the dress. yet we now try
    to contact you and no reply please email us Candice Richardson

  7. lanes Says:


  8. adrienne gilchrist Says:

    I order a dress back in april . HS #6204440090 if that helps. I need to have extra material shipped to me ASAP. Need 6yds satin and 6yds of the chaffon. Please let me know price

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