Street Fashion in China

Street Fashion in China

090824131347192This pretty lady in the picture above is not a model or an actress. She is just a regular person like you and me.  But what makes her special? She is merely wearing a striped tube top and shorts with a pair of sunglasses.

However, this is the current trend in China – Street Style (there are also other names such as Street Wear or Street Fashion) which trigger off StreetSnap.

Street Snap is a term used to describe fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios or runways but from everyday regular people on the streets, especially youths and fashionistas.

We may be familiar with fashion shows held in Paris or Milan, but how many youngsters have the earning power to own and afford designer labels? Hence, the Street Fashion emerged as creative fashionistas thought of many innovative ways to DIY their clothes and eventually develop their own fashion sense. Individualism is what many people are after nowadays. After all, you don’t want to see someone across the street wearing exactly the same shirt as you, do you? It’s even possible to recycle clothes you hardly wear and DIY into Street Fashion.

Street Fashion possibly originated from Europe, where all the subcultures developed. Europe, as known to the world is a fashion trend-setter. Japan may possibly be the first Asian country to be influenced from the Europeans. Hence, StreetSnap in European countries as well as in USA & in Japan are common but it was until in recent years that we were seeing more Street Fashion in China.

In Beijing

Street Fashion in China

In Shanghai



In Hong Kong


In Hangzhou


In Guilin


In Wuhan


In Guangdong


In Chengdu


Street Fashion is an attitude that represents oneself. It doesn’t matter if one is fat, thin as long as you’re comfortable in your own style. Then that is the right attitude to bring out what you’re wearing even if it’s just a simple T-shirt and jeans.

Many local Chinese female magazines even teach readers how to dress streetstyle.

A neutral look with vest & jeans
Checkers are in style!
Be outstanding with stripes
Go vintage with prints
Oversized T-shirt with main motif
Be a punk princess or rock chic with leather jacket
The Boyfriend’s shirt as outer-wear
Elegant Purple


街拍    jiē pāi    street snap

时尚服装达人 shí shàng fú zhuāng dá rén   Fashionistas

亚文化主义  yà wén huà zhǔ yì   Subculture

个人主义  gèn rén zhǔ yì   Individualism

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