Kweichow Moutai (Guizhou Maotai)

Kweichow Moutai (Guizhou Maotai)

Kweichow Moutai (Guizhou Maotai)Kweichow Moutai originated in Guizhou Province and it is arguably the national liquor or baijiu of China. The name baijiu means “white liquor” or “white alcohol”. However, baijiu is often mistakenly translated as “wine” or “white wine” when it’s actually a distilled liquor.

Why is Moutai the National Liquor?

The reason why Moutai is called National Liquor of China is due to its long history of unique brewing technique, advanced internal quality, profound brewing culture as well as its incomparable role in the political, diplomatic and economic life of the country. This special position in China’s liquor industry is the result of the people of three generations and their trial and cultivation.

As recorded in history, medlar (it is related to apples & quinces and part of the rose family) sauce is the key of Moutai liquor. As early as over 2000 years ago, the medlar sauce liquor produced in the Town of Moutai has got the compliment of “sweet and fragrant” from Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty. Since then, it has been the tribute to the imperial court.

Before the liberation in China, there were three main wine factories in Guizhou, whose products were respectively called Hua Mao, Wang Mao and Lai Mao, among which Hua Mao is the predecessor of today’s Maotai Liquor (otherwise known as Kweichow Moutai)

Kweichow Moutai is made from wheat and sorghum with a unique distilling process that involves seven iterations of the brewing cycle. This liquor became known to the world after winning a gold medal at the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, California.

How did Moutai Win Gold Prize in Panama World’s Fair?

In 1881, the construction of Panama Canal in the America began. In 1903, the US forced Panama into signing unequal treaty to win the right for the construction of Panama Canal. At the beginning of 1912, the US Congress decided to hold an international fair for commemoration at the completion of the Canal. In Mar 1912, the Chinese government received the invitation from Taft, President of the US.

Guizhou Province recommended sample liquors of two workshops of “Chengyi” and “Ronghe” to send Moutai in the name of “Moutai Liquor Production Corporation”.

This came the story of “throwing the bottle on the floor in anger”  vitalized the national pride is roughly depicted as the following:

Back in those days where Chinese people wore gown and had long braids were regarded as “weak”. Hence, nobody paid attention to the products from the Chinese in the fair. The Moutai which was stored in a claypot was unnoticed.

When the fair was about to end, one Chinese delegate got an idea. He pretended to accidentally drop a bottle of Moutai on the floor. Almost immediately, the fragrance filled the entire hall of the fair and the appraisers were attracted right away. award

Through repeated tasting, they unanimously believed that Moutai was the best liquor of the world, and presented Moutai with the Gold Prize. In the old China where Chinese were often insulted, Moutai vitalized the national pride, and this is the key to the success of Moutai.

After being the world’s famous liquor, Moutai soon became the target of investment by capitalists and bureaucrats. Under heated competition, Moutai steps out of Kweichow and is sold to the international market.

What is the National Liquor Culture?

In the China’s liquor encyclopedia, one will find that most stories are about Moutai. From the ancient times till the present, the national liquor culture has been the special carrier that does not limit itself to the drinkers.

The national liquor culture is a bridge to inspiration as well as forming ties and bonds.


Men come over in groups, just to find inspiration in the poetic charm of Moutai to generate better poems; politicians use the liquor to welcome international leaders; diplomats use it as an intermediary, and the cups of sweet liquor make people sense not only the hospitality of the Chinese nationality, but also the other side of solemn and poetic nationality.

All of these shows the vivid aspect of the national liquor culture.

moutaiprinceMoutai Prince Series

Made by the sky and earth inheriting the tradition of Moutai. It is of the same origin and source the style of a king

Moutai Prince Liquor is the series of products of Moutai. It has the same origin and source as Moutai, and it has inherited the tradition of Moutai.

It is yeast sauce liquor made from high-quality wheat brewed on the basis of the technique of Moutai Factory after long-time of storage and careful blending.

It has the style of dense sauce, elegance, coordination, purity, long-lasting aftertaste and fragrance left on the empty cup of Moutai.

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