Red Packet Designs

Red Packet Designs

red packet traditional
Yā suì qián and traditional Red Packet

The Chinese have a custom of using Red Packets (with money inside) as a gift for special occasions. A Red Packet is a rectangular (sometimes square) paper envelope usually red in color, and often with auspicious wordings or pictures printed on it. The Red Packet (红包:hóng bāo) is also sometimes known as Ang Pow/Ang Pao or (利是: lì shì) (or pronounced as ‘Lai See’ in Cantonese).

During Chinese New Year, the elders will give Red Packets to the unmarried younger folks as part of the festive celebration customs. Read more about Chinese New Year Customs. Red Packets are also given on wedding dinners to the married couple, and sometimes as gifts on birthdays.

The act of giving Red Packets is a joyous one. It symbolizes the sharing of happiness and the giving of well-wishes.

The Red Packet originated from 压岁钱 yā suì qián which were copper coin threaded together with a red string in the Qing Dynasty. As printing became more common, simple red envelopes were printed with auspicious Chinese phrases. Today, the customs of giving and receiving Red Packets are still practiced. The designs on these little red envelopes get more and more fanciful and innovative every year.

Current Designs of Red Packets

red packet design

red packet design

red packet design

red packet design series
5 Red Packets series designed to form a complete picture when placed together

Nowadays, Red Packets don’t have to conform to only red-coloured envelopes and bold golden writings.

Red Packet Designs
assorted designs

Brands on Red Packets

Chinese New Year being the biggest festive season for the Chinese, many brands and companies see this as an opportunity to do a little marketing, providing their self-designed Red Packets for their customers.

red packet - microsoft
a Red Packet conceptual design for Microsoft
red packet - bank
It is a common practice for banks to give out Red Packet envelopes for their customers
red packet - mnms
m&ms chocolates Red Packet Design
red packet - mac donalds
A Red Packet from Mac Donald’s

Festive with No boundaries

Chinese New Year is celebrated regardless of religion or race.

red packet with Christian verse
Red Packet printed with a Christian Bible verse of thanksgiving

Roaring Tigers on Envelopes

Very often, Chinese Zodiac animals appear on Red Packet designs. Below we will feature some red packets of the Chinese Zodiac animal – Tiger.

red packet - year of tiger designs
2022 – Year of the Tiger

red packet - year of tiger designs

red packet - year of tiger designs

red packet - year of tiger designs

red packet - year of tiger designs
Tigers wishing you a Happy New Year and Good Health and Luck

Cute Cartoon Designs

Since most of the Red Packets are given to the younger generations during Chinese New Year, many Red Packets are designed with colourful and cute characters to appeal to them.

red packet cartoon design
Popular cartoon characters on Red Packet designs
red packet cartoon design
Hello Kitty cartoon designs on Red Packets
red packet cartoon design
cute cat illustration
red packet cartoon design
fanciful Red Packet design – cartoon baby girl in a tiger costume

Animated Ang Pow

The creativity of Red Packet Designs are limitless! Look at these animated Red Packets in action.

Unique Red Packet Designs

It is simply impossible to show you all the fancy and interesting Red Packet designs out there. For both kids and adults each year, one of the fun comes from seeing and collecting new and unique Red Packets.

Here are some not so traditional designs:

unique red packet designs

unique red packet designs

unique red packet designs

unique red packet designs

unique red packet designs

Culture of Chinese wishes you a Happy New Year! May you receive lots of Red Packets this festive season!

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