Genghis Khan the Mongolian Hero

Genghis Khan the Mongolian Hero

A retired warrior, portrait of an elderly Genghis Khan
A retired warrior, portrait of an elderly Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is a Mongolian hero. He reunified the chaotic Inner Mongolia prairie and led his people to be a great civilization. Genghis Khan made great contributions to the founding of the powerful Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) as well as the unification of China which enhanced greatly the interactions of the peoples of China.

Even today, Genghis Khan is still worshiped and remembered by his people.

[showadr]Born with the name – Temüjin, Genghis Khan grew up amid the harsh landscape of Mongolia, in a world of tribal violence, kidnapping, murder, and enslavement. His father was murdered when he was just nine. His family, abandoned by their tribe, was left to survive extreme poverty. These harsh life conditions forced Genghis Khan to learn survival, ambition, determination, and cruelty. His difficult childhood, as well as his nomadic heritage, helped shape him as a leader.

While still a teenager, Genghis Khan united the separate, warring Mongol clans and together they began to conquer other nomadic tribes. Conquering these rivals was a struggle, but the young, charismatic leader’s ability to form alliances and motivate his warriors eventually led to victory. Genghis Khan’s battle skills grew. He incorporated defeated warriors into his own army, usually killing their leaders first. He rewarded loyalty rather than honoring bloodlines. After many years, he was able to unite the tribes, forming the first unified Mongol nation.

mongol7auGenghis Khan led a series of major military campaigns, each one enlarging his territories beyond his homeland, south into China and west into Iran. The Mongol war machine featured a ruthless leader, loyal officers, and fierce warriors, coupled with tight organization, swift movement, and brilliantly coordinated tactics. It was nearly impossible to defeat. As a result of these conquests, unprecedented trade and cultural exchanges followed.

an artist impression of the Mongolian Hero, Genghis Khan
an artist impression of the Mongolian Hero, Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan History/Timeline :

  1. 1162: Temujin born in the Khentii Mountain.At the age of nine, Temujin’s father Yesugei poisoned by Tatars, leaving him and his family destitute
  2. 1184: Temujin’s wife Borte kidnapped by Merkits; calls on blood brother Jamuka and Wang Khan for aid, and they rescue her.
  3. 1185: First son Jochi born, leading to doubt about his paternity later among Genghis’ children, because he was born shortly after Borte’s rescue from the Merkits.
  4. 1190: Temujin unites the Mongol tribes, becomes leader, and devises code of law called Yassa.
  5. 1201: Wins victory over Jamuka’s.
  6. 1202: Adopted as Wang Khan’s heir after successful campaigns against Tatars.
  7. 1203: Wins victory over Wang Khan’s Keraits. Wang Khan himself is killed by accident by allied Naimans.
  8. 1204: Wins victory over Naimans (all these confederations are united and become the Mongols).
  9. 1206: Jamuka is killed. Temujin given the title Genghis Khan by his followers in a Kurultai.
  10. 1207–1210: Genghis leads operations against the Western Xia, which comprises much of northwestern China and parts of Tibet. Western Xia ruler submits to Genghis Khan. During this period, the Uyghurs also submit peacefully to the Mongols and became valued administrators throughout the empire.
  11. 1211: After the Kurultai, Genghis leads his armies against the Jin Dynasty ruling northern China.
  12. 1215: Beijing falls, Genghis Khan turns to west and the Khara-Kitan Khanate.
  13. 1219–1222: Conquers Khwarezmid Empire.
  14. 1226: Starts the campaign against the Western Xia for forming coalition against the Mongols, the second battle with the Western Xia.
  15. 1227: Genghis Khan dies after conquering the Tangut people. Cause of death is uncertain, although legend states that he was thrown off his horse in the battle, and contracted a deadly fever soon after.


Achievements of Genghis Khan

In the history of the world rankings, what Genghis Khan‘s achievements are in the first row. He was called “一代天骄 yí dài tiān jiāo — a great son whom the sky is proud of”.

  1. Creates the largest empire of the world
  2. Establishes the first transporting net system
  3. Puts the military art to the peak of the cold weapons
  4. The most influential figures in the history of the world
  5. The first emperor of the implementation of political democracy
  6. The richest people in thousands of years
  7. Pursues the most extensive policy of freedom and religious belief
  8. First man proposes and practices the “globalization”

genghisGenghis Khan is a national leader. He unites so many tribes of the Mongolian Plateau into a unified whole, which become a strong Mongolian nationality, undeniably, Mongolia national start its growth and development at the expense of the interests of other nations.

Genghis Khan and his successors led less than 200,000 troops, used just 25 years, perished more than 40 countries, conquered more than 720 nationalities, eradicated more than 10,000,000 armed forces, dominated over 600,000,000 national population and finally created a largest country in human history — the Mongol Empire. In the period of stability, the territory is more than 35,000,000 square kilometer and the largest period is more than 44,000,000, which represents more than four fifths of the whole world.

He set up his empire from Siberia directly to the border of India, Hungary directly to Vietnam, Korean Peninsula to Balkan Peninsula. Mongol empire re-sketched the map of the world, make the original isolated empire closely link each other. New world, new era was demarcated in his new order.

Family influence of Genghis Khan

Family is an important factor in the growth of children, in Genghis Khan’s growing up, family education gives him a far-reaching influence. And this nice education also fosters his descendants.

Father: Genghis Khan’s father Yesugei was one of a tribe leader in Mongolian Plateau, a real grassland hero. He helped his neighbor tribe resist the slaughter and made anda (sworn brother or blood brother) with this leader, Toghrul, who was the early guardian of Genghis Khan and helped Genghis Khan unite his alliance successful. He was the first strength for Mongol tribe conquering Eurasia.

Mother: Genghis Khan‘s mother, was delicate plundered by his father, was brave after his father’s death and in the days that their tribe abandoned them, she brought up their children and told them a lots of truth about how to be a real man and what would make them get real success.  In the time of Genghis Khan conquering the Mongolian Plateau, her idea is reuse of the capable prisoners and adoption of the orphans after war.

Sons: Genghis Khan had four sons like four lionhearted dogs. As Napoleon said: I am inferior to Genghis Khan, he has four tiger sons clamoring for their effectiveness, I have no such luck. His success also reflected on his sons that built the first minority state power in Chinese history, Yuan Dynasty.

Daughter: Genghis Khan had only one daughter named Alahaibie, she was very proud for his father and the same for Mongol grassland. When her father and brother were wild about all kinds of wars, she became the housemistress of her tribe. Under her administer, everything went peaceful and prosperous, and his father was reassuring and unworried about conquest to where he wanted to conquer. She embodied a kind of spirit in Mongol grassland, wise, energetic, ambitious, dedicated girl.

Monuments of Genghis Khan

Some of his monuments being built in various parts of Mongolia after he died in 1227.


Equestrian statue of Genghis Khan in Erdene sum, Mongolia
Equestrian statue of Genghis Khan in Erdene sum, Mongolia

The statue here is about 50 kilometers outside of Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia.


Genghis Khan the Mongolian Hero
A very huge bronze statue compared to the human size. Notice how small the tourist on the left bottom corner compares with it.
Genghis Khan Monument in Hohhot
Genghis Khan Monument in Hohhot
A statue depicting Genghis Khan and his invincible army
A statue depicting Genghis Khan and his invincible army

Genghis Khan was your true ‘rags to riches’ story – a man who struggled in extreme hardship to survive in the chaotic ancient Mongolia and eventually rising to power to become one of the greatest warrior and ruler the world had seen.

And this is the story, history and the legend he left behind, still inspiring the people of Mongolia and the rest of the World even til this day – The Mongolian Hero, Genghis Khan.

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    One last question: did he not, in Beijing, meet a very brainy thinker who helped him formulate a world plan for organization and conquest? if so, who?

    I thank you for this fine site.


    Will Brownell, PhD

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