Occupying seats in Chinese universities

Occupying seats in Chinese universities

After many years of development of the education environment, many youngsters in China have the opportunity to enter the universities. Local students treasure the gold opportunity. Hence, there are strong competition everywhere in the campus.

In Tsinghwa University, in order to have the front rows, some innovative student invented some incredible strategies to book the seats before the class.

Now they can get up late and rush to the classroom 5 seconds before their classes begin.

The most popular way is to “book” a seat or have your name on it. Just simply place textbooks or write “occupied” with the chalk. Miraculously, no one will remove or erase these “bookings”.

Occupying seats in Chinese universities

Besides “booking” or “chalking” a seat, one can “brick” a seat as well!


If a row of seats are needed, a better way would be to “toiletpaper” them. How smart is that!


However, to should be more environmental and not waste toiletpaper, how about something else more useful? Like gloves!


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